Tell Alexandria City Council to Say Yes to Food Trucks!

Did you know that food trucks are almost totally illegal in Alexandria, except at construction sites and at special events?

Thankfully, City Council is now considering a new proposal to allow food trucks to serve you on public streets and private property.

But we need your help! Powerful and entrenched interests are hard at work trying to limit your lunchtime choices and competition for your hard-earned dollars.

Will you write City Council now and ask them to say Yes to Food Trucks?

Dear City Council,

I support removing Alexandria's near-total ban on food trucks and allowing them to serve residents and workers on public streets and private property.

Food trucks make Alexandria a more enjoyable place to live and work by providing more lunchtime choices and competition for hard-earned dollars.

Food trucks make positive contributions to communities!

- Food trucks help to draw people to restaurant and shopping areas and increase foot traffic for all surrounding businesses.

- Every day food trucks are growing into brick-and-mortar restaurants, creating jobs and contributing to city revenues.

Please remove Alexandria's ban on food trucks today!