Did you know that food trucks are almost totally illegal in Alexandria - including on private property? The only places where food trucks are allowed are at construction sites and at permitted special events.

That's too bad, because in addition to offering exciting and delicious lunchtime choices, food trucks help to make vibrant communities and contribute to the local economy.

But, unlike Arlington and DC, Alexandria cannot enjoy these and other benefits that food trucks provide.

Thankfully City Council is looking for ways to lift the ban on food trucks. Will you voice your support?

Dear City Council,

Food trucks make our community a more enjoyable place to live and work by providing more lunchtime choices and competition for our hard-earned dollars. Food trucks are small business incubators, job multipliers and help bring vibrancy to underdeveloped areas. And by bringing food directly to where people are, food trucks reduce the need to drive for lunch and help to reduce overall city congestion.

Please lift our city's ban on food trucks today!

About Us

The DMV Food Truck Association is a group of more than 75 local food truck owner-operators. We seek to sustain the wellbeing of our industry, foster a sense of community and work in partnership to improve food truck regulations. We are engaged community members who deeply care about our city and believe in working together to make a positive impact.